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Why I Love My Job

I suppose the first thing to do is define my job. I have a job title of Director of Client Services at Bronco which my sister Amanda and brother in law Kelvin, who are both in traditional marketing, gave me. They are both really cool people and know their stuff. (If you see any of the Cooperative Food adverts on TV Amanda does these, and Kelvin when he worked for the Cooperative Bank came up with the strapline “Good with Money” which is now used across their branding – “Good with Food” etc)

But what does the Director of Client Services do… or more to the point what do I do. Today was similar to most of my days. My general role in the company is to organise pretty much everything; maintain and communicate with SEO clients, talk to, propose to, and bring on new SEO clients, spec out complex web projects for the web dev clients and manage the build through to the launch and beyond, oversee the PPC side of the company, oversee the content and content writers, oversee the accounts and invoicing and look after the HR. Oh, the guys at work will also see my role as the person who gets ASDA to deliver lots of chocolate biscuits to the company and organise the company outings. I also have a big task of organising Dave to get to conferences and to do what he does best day to day – SEO. He says that I am actually the only person that will make him do something 🙂

I love my job because I never know what the next phone call I will take will hold. I tend to get a couple of calls a day regarding SEO and web dev enquiries – oh and plenty of emails to deal with. Some people we can only advise as they may not have the budget to work with us, whereas some we are really excited to keep the conversation with going. Or, for instance today I took a call from someone who was working with a “large, reputable London SEO company” (not sure who), but they just wanted advise if they were getting what they were paying for. Bizarre!

I love my job because I love directing people and hopefully I do decent job of it. I am sometimes stuck in the middle between the customer who we always aim to keep happy and the guys who I always want to make sure are enjoying what they do. We sometimes come under real pressure to deliver either rankings or a web project on time and I will always try to take that pressure on my shoulders. Dave and I have worked really hard for the last 7 years to build Bronco’s reputation up for giving great results and great customer service and I aim to maintain that high status, which in turn keeps the enquiries coming in. It’s often strange when I am perhaps on the phone and the potential client realises that I am Mrs Dave Naylor, and then they start oozing their respect for Dave which makes me immensely proud of what he has achieved and how amazingly clever he is.

I love my job as I can control how things turn out. We know that the success of the company rests with the guys that we have working for us and without them the company wouldn’t be where it is today, and have the amazing clients that we have. It’s great that we have guys that have been with us from the very early days, or for many years and we have been through so much together…. I really class the staff as family rather than employees and my favourite time has got to be December when we can have a great party and pay out big bonuses (lol … but not as much as the bankers though!).

I love my job as we are so busy, there is nothing worse than sitting around with nothing to do. But it’s been a very long time since I’ve actually cleared my list of tasks on my deskpad and sat back to think, I wonder if we’ll get an enquiry today. We have always grown the company in a controlled way so that we can always refine the processes to ensure the customer service and great quality is there and no client is pushed out of the limelight. We are currently looking to bring on at least another SEO as we have more major contracts starting shortly and need the ability to give the SEO team time to research other areas as well as spend enough time on clients. (So drop me a line! – **strictly no agencies** lol)

I love my job as it allows me to have meetings with cool people, who have come up with such great ideas for the internet and how people will need to interact with their website, as we work out how we can turn those great ideas into reality. It also allows me to travel with Dave to conferences (when we can get the kids looked after) and meet more people face to face in the SEO community rather that just seeing their profile on Twitter.

I’m trying to think of anything that I don’t love about my job, but I’m hard pushed to come up with one apart from that maybe there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I’d like to, but nope … I seriously do love my job! I think even if I’d bothered to buy a EuroMillions lottery ticket and scooped the £56million I’d still be sat at my desk!


  • Kean

    You mean ordering chocolate biscuits isn’t a full time job?

  • Becky

    @kean lol it should be the way they get eaten .. i’m surprised everyone isn’ the size of a house

  • Dave Snyder

    And you are really, really good at your job on top of the love you have for it. Or maybe because of the love you have for it. How many times have I told you, “I need to find my Becky.” ? And on top of that you, like my Samantha, are an awesome mom, who is raising two awesome boys. You have a full plate, but it seems you love everything about that, and makes you one of the lucky ones.