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Why do kids hate bedtime?

One of the battles that we and probably most parents have with their kids is the whole bedtime routine. Well battle might be too harsh a word … but you’ll know what I mean when I question why it is that kids just hate bedtime, even if they are really tired.

I remember all too well when I was little that I used to hate going to bed as it was boring, but now that I’m all grown up I love getting to bed and hate getting up. My kids wake up and jump out of bed whereas we always try to sneak the extra few minutes under the covers before you have to get up.

Tonight was a classic example of bedtime in the Naylor house, that the kids had their bath as usual around 7.30pm and got ready for bed. I always try to keep the bath quite calm and relaxing to get them in the right sleepy mood whereas Dave will make it fun and exciting. So tonight they got into bed to read some books, and I tend to set a time limit for them to turn their lights off, which they never listen to. As usual I had to go up to tell them 2 or 3 times to get off to sleep. The last time I went up I had the usual “we’re not tired”, “we’re too hot” moans. Wierdly we still use the baby monitor that we have had for over 8 years to just keep a check on them as our bedroom is quite a way from theirs in the house and you could still tell that they were chatting and giggling.

The chatting and giggling went on for a while after I last went up to see them, then all of a sudden it just stops and they are asleep. I have always thought it is so wierd how quickly kids can fall asleep (when they finally decide they have had enough) and how quickly they can wake up. I suppose its because they really don’t have much to think about or any stresses at all … what a life they have.

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  • chris pearson

    yes i know what you mean my 3 year son is already leaning how to delay going to bed and my 11 year old daughter drives me up the wall. you say 30 min then bed 30 min comes and then she desides she needs a drink, the loo …….. and everthing else kids who would have them 🙂