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When do the Clocks Go Forward 2011

In case you are wondering when the clocks will go forward an hour, and we can start British Summer Time in 2011 it will be on:

Sunday 27th March at 1am, when the clocks will move to 2am – (Note that this is Saturday night)

This is when we lose an hour, but will mean that it will be lighter for longer in the evenings!

This is for Europe, but in the USA the clocks will need to be moved forward on Sunday 13th March at 1am.


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  • Jason Duke

    Becky, Is there anything you don’t rank for ?

    (I came via Goog not sure of the date of the change from GMT to BST)

    Thanks 🙂


  • Jordan

    Well it’s good and it’s bad loose an hour in bed but hey SUMMER IS COMING 😀 thanks for the post it helped

  • eileen drury

    Thanks for the info. lighter nights to walk the dog and get the garden into shape YIPEEEE!

  • Ken

    Thank for the up to date info. It will help me a great deal.

  • tony

    well some of u are lucky, i’ll be losing 2hrs sleep, cos im in norway and going to the uk early 2morrow morning 🙁