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When do the Clocks go Back?

**Note** This is the information for 2009, if you are looking for 2010 got to When do the Clocks Go Back 2010

For anyone wanting to know when you’re going to get that precious extra hour in bed when the clocks go back this month, the day the clocks go back is

Sunday 25th October at 1am

So don’t forget to reset your clocks before you go to bed, and lets hope the kids realise that they get an extra hour asleep too.

Just for future reference the clocks always go forwards in Spring on the last Sunday in March, and go backwards on the last Sunday in October.
Spring forward, Fall back!


  • ambreen tariq

    thanks..i was just going to search it in google but before that came across ur blog post

  • Bernard

    Very useful except for those who’s fall is called autumn.

    Err, like everyone outside the US.

  • justine

    You might want to point out in the future that this date is for the UK and not for North America. We don’t switch until Nov 1. Today.

  • Anna O'Donnell

    I like this website because it tells you so much about England and all the answers!!!!!

  • Loulie

    Actually the last Sunday in October is the 31st so surely the clocks wil go back then?

  • Loulie

    ignore previous email – just realised this is for last year! doh!

  • nichola

    when do the clocks actualy go back cause last sunday of the month is 31 should that be when they go back

  • nichola

    someone please me

  • me

    way hay

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