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When Do The Clocks Go Back 2010 & 2011

If you are looking for 2012 dates, then see When do the Clocks go back 2012

*** Update for 2011 ***
The Clocks will go back in the UK at 2am on Sunday October 30th 2011

The below relates to 2010…

As we are now into September the nights are drawing in and we know that soon we will be putting our clocks back an hour and we’ll be heading into Winter. Where has the summer gone?

So when do the clocks go back this year?

It will be on Sunday October 31st at 2am which is the last Sunday in October, meaning it will be dark early on for Halloween. This is for the UK… in the USA the clocks go back a week later on the first Sunday of November.

So don’t forget to put your clocks back and enjoy your extra hour in bed 🙂


  • Sara

    Hi there,

    My Calendar says that this year, daylight saving time ends on November 7th 2010.

  • Becky

    Hi Sara, the clocks in the UK go back on the 31st October, but if you are in the USA / Canada the clocks always go back the week after us which is the 7th November

  • holly

    I have heard that this year the clocks are not going back?

  • steph

    looking forward to the clock change so tired could do with extra hour in bed 🙂

  • Becky

    Is this just for the UK as i will be abroad on the last weekend in October?

  • mitch

    cant beleive clocks go back when did that start

  • Miranda

    I can’t believe the person before Becky didn’t know the clocks go back….how STUPID is she!!!

  • Lauren

    Time is a man made construction!!!!

  • Brad

    Hi Becky, i stumbled upon your website whilst searching for the date when our clocks go back, i have just read about you and was interested to read that you run a web development company. As i am a recent graduate in computing, i was wondering if you do any free lance work in which i could partake?

    Please email me.


  • plunkster

    not on nightshift

  • Alex Popadopolus


    Get a proper job. I too am a MSC computing graduate

  • Alex Popadopolus


    i am suprised that you do not know whete to look for IT jobs. The university should have tought you this in the industrial placement and career service

    I too am a freelancer earning big money in the banking industry.

  • debz

    enjoy en extra hour in bed ggrrrrrr my 12.5 hr night shift will become a 13. 5 hour night shift joy ,im not bitter thought u lot enjoy ur extra hour ,,, dont have night mares heheh just kidding x

  • JimmyL

    Thanks for the info Becky.

    RT @ Alex Popadom – earning the big bucks? Are you really? Your spelling is atrocious and you seem to have a mammoth sized chip on your shoulder. I wouldn’t want to employ you!!

  • graeme

    Strange about the clocks in the UK goin back on 31 Oct this yr…its usually a week earlier in my experience…can anybody clarify?

  • Kimberley

    I agree Graeme. Very strange, it’s usually much earlier. Don’t know how they decide this tho. I’m in the dark 🙂 (sorry).

  • Gary

    In UK our clocks are wrong for half of the year anyway. Mid-day occurs when the sun is at its zenith, and the shadows are shortest. This occurs at 13:09 and not 12:00. So maybe this time we should just put our clocks back by 1 hr and 9 mins and just leave it like that permanently?

  • carly

    Just read Alex Popadopolus’s comment, what is this guys problem?

  • SueC

    For those saying it is later than usual it is because the clocks go back on the last Sunday of the month so the way Sundays have fallen over recent years has meant around the 23rd ish for a while but this year the last day of the month happens to be the last Sunday.

  • kerrie

    lucky for me i wont be on nightshift that night….happy days

  • colinburns

    hello i have a watch i dont no how do put the watch back an hour

  • Mary M

    Someone asked when putting the clocks back started.
    I think it was in the first World War but I could be wrong.
    Going to do some research and get back to you.

  • Ed

    Alex Popadopolus is a straight up douch-bag….fall back my dude…..why are you trying to be-little people???

  • I can spell


    I doubt very much that you even have a job, learn to spell before you get up on that high horse.

  • Joe-Ann

    I work rotating shifts and am lucky not to be on night shift when they fall back this year – I was on nightshift last year and it messed my body clock up big time

  • Pete

    Good job I just read this, I was about to put my clocks back a week early

  • Jill

    It is usually around the 23/24th October because my stepdads birthday is 24th and its nearly alwyays very near or on his birthday. And – THIS October has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays AND 5 Sundays !! This is a rare even and only happens on average once every 823 years!!! So maybe thats why its a week later this year…. ? (Now you will all be running to your calendars to check) lol 🙂

  • Tom Robinson

    there were 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays in October 2004, you must be sad to make stuff like that up.

  • Joe Taylor

    Just to prove the point made above, there were 5 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays in 1999…

  • Joe Taylor

    and again in 1993. I suppose the time before that might have only happened in 1282 bc but I can’t be bothered to check.

  • abdul

    kerry, take your battery out for an hour.

  • harry

    cant understand why its a sunday night this year usually we’ve done on a saturday night

  • Duncan

    British Summer Time was introduced in 1915 as part of the Defence of The Realm Act (DORA) in order to increase productivity by giving workers and agricultural labourers an extra hour of daylight during the summer months.

  • Becky

    @harry – the clocks always go back on Sunday morning as in 2am on the Sunday morning, which is a bit like Saturday night to people

  • Lauren

    The clocks go back on Sunday the 31st of October at 2am. What is the point of discussing the matter further? Because that is the way it is.

  • magix

    ok i find this well funny if you paste a first coment then things will run people love to talk/banter with each other and for the people on night shift check with the company you work for most do not regaurd the extra hour and the change for companys usually accurs the start of business the next day in this case 9am sunday morning! as for my thoughts on daylight saving it should be changed so no adustment accurs as our days in the summer are extremely long now days maybe the worlds slowed down haha or changed its axis for the smart arses that would refute the fact the world would slow and yes i know if the world did change speed it would get faster rather then slower so dont bother pmsl

  • Daisy

    Lol. I don’t understand why people are arguing over the fact that the clocks are going back. Jeeeeeeeezzzee.

  • Chris

    This might seem like an obvious point to make but there are always 31 days in October every single year, so if the 1st falls on a Friday the 31st will always be a Sunday. Clearly meaning that the 5 x Fri, Sat, Sun thing will happen all the time. Why on earth would somebody be bothered to make up a stupid fact like 800+ years. Silly man.

    Here’s one for you… if a nightclub closes at 02:00am, when the clock gets to 01:59am, it then ticks over back an hour to 01:00am. Does that mean it stays open another hour? Also, if a Staff Member is working 21:00-02:00 they’ll think they’ve got a 5 hour shift, when they’ll be working 6! I’d keep an eye on that wage slip if I were them! Big chance of an error in the payroll dept!

  • lala

    you are all geeks

  • Ashford

    god a lot of you sound like right cocks! this is about the clocks going back and you people are bitching with each other, how inbred are you people?! Is this the sort of thing working class and middle class people do?

  • Njoki

    pleeease give it a break the clocks are going back come rain come sunshine even at 2am in the morning!!!stop that thing of clocks going clocks not going!!there is someone behind this seasons….can you beat that?

  • anna

    Chris, this wouldn’t happen every year as the first day of the month isn’t always a Friday

  • Scottish Na Clocks Here

    We have nae clocks here in scotland so it disnae matter, we party for 24hours 🙂

  • colin

    extra hr in bed, but hr later going to bed!!

  • juli

    u lot are funny

  • ian

    some strange ppl didn’t even know the clocks went back..what planet they on?

  • Sarah

    Only clocked in to see when the clocks went back! Spent longer than I expected reading everyones comments and have now missed that extra hour in bed!

  • spellchecker

    Alex Popadopolus

    12th October 2010 @ 18:49


    i am suprised that you do not know whete to look for IT jobs. The university should have tought you this in the industrial placement and career service

    I too am a freelancer earning big money in the banking industry.

    I see they never tAught spelling at your Uni you thick m/fker walter mitty bullshitter

  • Ceri

    @ chris above. The 1st doesn’t always fall on a friday tho, so your theory is wrong lol.

    Can’t beleive people are arguing about this.

    Come to think of it, how the hell did I get on this stuiped site, god knows what I was looking for lol

  • michelle

    i like the dark nights it means christmas is coming and up go all the lights which i love,and also i just like it when the nights are dark,michelle

  • lamya

    Its all the same to me!
    A days another day,an hours an hour,a moments a moment.
    Life is what happens etc..

  • numpty

    I took my clock off the wall in december 2007. please please when should I put my clock back????

  • ched

    Im looking at my clock and it says 1:43am. if the clocks go back at 2:00am then I have an extra hour to get this work done. However, what if I’m looking at a clock that has already gone back? How can I ascertain the correct time pre/post – my head hurts.

    You can probably guess by writing this im just putting off doing that work lol

  • louise

    hi there i forgot the clocks went bk and i thought it was 6.41 and i thought i had to get up now but i dont cause i still have an hour left in bed omg

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  • joslyn

    i have not put my clock back so i get a extra hourer in bed 🙂

  • John Tucker

    I am depressed so I stay in bed all day.

    But I still love it when the clocks go back because it means I get to stay in bed longer.

  • sabastien

    I can’t wait for that 1 whole hour woop woop xxx