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What’s the Point of Spam Emails?

Over the last 6 months or so I have seen the number of spam emails I get increase and its really starting to do my head in. I just don’t see the point these days of people or companies sending out mass emails of what I would class as utter crap, do they really make a good living out of it? I am constantly trying to clear out my inbox at home on either my laptop or Blackberry so that when I log on to my email at work I can quickly get on with the real emails rather than wading through loads of spam.

There are also the deceiving phishing emails that are sent that “stupid” people fall for and end up giving away their passwords, bank details, identity or anything else the email asks for, which so often surprises me that people still fall for it after all the warnings, but what is the point of sending out the emails that are utter junk. My email address, as it is tied to an old domain, has over the years been picked up by the spammers, but I just wish there was a way to thoroughly wash my mail before it landed in my inbox. Due to some of the clients that we have we can’t block for certain keywords so makes it hard to wash the mail once it gets to us, but surely there must be a way for outgoing email servers to block bulk spam email even being sent. It would make like a lot easier for the majority of people who are falling pray to endless spam in their inbox.

email wash

Should it fall to the ISP of the sending address to be responsible for the clean up? Is that at all possible to wash the mail before it leaves the mail server, in the same way that packages like Microsoft Outlook try to sift out the junk as it lands in your inbox?

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  • Stan

    I agree with you 100%. I just don’t understand why they do it. Everyone recognized those emails are COMPLETE GARBAGE. They are annoying and no one gives a shit about them so why do they spend their time doing it? But then again, there are stupid people out there that will fall for anything. I guess there must be A LOT of them for these companies to be still encouraged to spam us. People like YOU and ME know better but I guess some people really do deserve to get fucked up. I hope these dumbasses open a fake Bank of America email asking them to verify their info and then a week later all their money is gone. Serves them right.

  • TallTroll

    The marginal cost of an email is extremely low, so sending the maximum number is clearly the best strategy. If just one in a million pays off, its well worth it.

    >> surely there must be a way for outgoing email servers to block bulk spam email even being sent

    Yeah, tell the guys on the ISP side of the business they are now responsible for it all, setting up and maintaining the rules, and monitoring for false positives and negatives with 100% SLA (since that is the only level of service anyone is going to be interested in), and stand well back…