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What to do When Bored at Work

I can’t remember the last time that I was bored at work, I’m always too busy to have nothing to do or think about. I suppose it also comes with being a bit of a workaholic as well as running the company. You can never be bored with all the responsibility and day to day demands.

But if you find yourself one day bored at work, here is an easy way to pass the time that you also might find that you have a talent for.

Step 1 – kill a few flies (yep slightly cruel, but you may be able to find ones already dead)

Step 2 – put them in the sun for a hour to dry

Step 3 – get a piece of paper and a pencil and see what you can create.

Here are a few suggestions…

fly horseback
fly queue
fly race
fly springboard
fly sunbathing

Cheers to Claire at Review Ripon for sending me the pics 🙂


  • Kean

    I best make sure not to be seen killing flies at work in case it make it look like I’m bored.

  • chris faron

    lol…I live in Italy where the flies are really hard kill, maybe I will try with them bloody mosquitoes…

  • Danusia

    If the fly problem is really that bad in your office, maybe you should call out Rentokil 😉 but as to the boredom factor, can’t really suggest anything to solve that problem!

  • Carps

    Luckily, I’m never bored at work

  • codyrachel

    I love them –very clever – it can be so difficult when work is boring!!