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What is Facebook Good For?

Facebook is obviously a huge social networking site but in our household we rarely use it for that and I very rarely logon apart from maybe once a month to update my status with something random and check on my friends. We are Twitterers .. but even Twitter is starting to do my head in a bit with the constant waffle that fills my feed with people tweeting out news that is not new.

Facebook has one good thing and that is some of the applications. There are thousands of applications on Facebook, some utter rubbish but others are quite fun and have the similar principles of running a business. Generally with the likes of Social City, FarmTown and Restaurant City you have to keep the business going by, earning money and keeping your population, crops and animals or customers happy in order to grow the business and progress to the next level. I tend to start applications and get hooked on them for a bit then ignore them so it all gets trashed. We tend to play as a household on the applications and have a bit of a competition of what level we can reach, but there is one member of the family (who will remain nameless) who needs some additional training in the principles of running a business!

Here we have Social City

Social City

You may notice that this city doesn’t have any factories to keep the business earning money. They have been sold to buy flower beds and leisure complexes. No factories though means the city is going to fail. I have been very kind tonight though and sold a few gifts and buildings to be able to afford a new factory to get the city back up and running.

Then we have FarmTown


Once an efficient and prosperous farm with healthy crops, now it has been abandoned with no real cash reserves to buy more seeds. There are just a few ripe apples to sell and live off.

Then we have Restaurant City

restaurant city

All we have is a very dead looking Dave who got roped into helping in the restaurant while everything around him was sold off including the door. Now we have no door, no furniture, no food and no customers (well they can’t get in anyway), so no means of keeping the business going.

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  • Elaine

    I once tried playing (I mean managing) one of these games, set in Ancient Rome – after 10 mins all my slaves downed tools and walked off the side of the computer – no idea where they went, or why 🙁