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What are the Best Staff Perks?

We all really love a nice shiny car and this is one of the reasons we have introduced a new staff perk over at Bronco towers. Dave and I were discussing a few months ago what else we can do for our staff to make Bronco even more awesome than it already is.

Staff already get all drinks, biscuits and fruit provided in the well stocked kitchen, along with private medical and dental insurance with Bupa, free eye tests, free broadband at home, fuel subsidy payments for commuting, a cool Broncoplex with a pool table, xbox, arcade machine and darts board to hang out in, annual bonuses, great Christmas parties and company events throughout the year… oh and the pleasure of working for Dave and me .. so what more could we give them?

It was decided that we all relish the weekend and we all want to make the most of it, so on Fridays we now finish an hour earlier at 4.30pm. This gives everyone a chance to start the weekend earlier and it’s just kind of nice to get home an hour before you normally would. This isn’t to say that Friday afternoons are all fun, as we need to work extra hard to make up for the hour we’re not here and get everything done.

Then Dave decided that if we were gaining more time at the weekend that we’d bring in a fortnightly car wash & car valet, so it wasn’t a chore at the weekend. So every fortnight we get a local car valeting company to turn up and he goes round the car park and does a full wash and valet on everyone’s car. It takes Simon all day to do the 13 – 14 cars that are generally at Bronco. It’s certainly a staff perk that I really appreciate as my car always looks super shiny and super clean inside.

Wonder how we beat that one as a staff perk?

Next we have started planning the Bronco office move later on in the year where we will be creating the workplace of all workplaces! More to come on that 🙂


  • Kean

    Could you get someone to do my shopping for me? Then I wouldn’t need to the leave the house at all on a weekend 🙂

    Oh and clean my house too, in fact just hire me a live in nanny to look after me 24/7.

  • Becky

    Lol .. not sure what I can do with ref to a live in nanny for you .. but that sounds good.
    You could just get your shopping delivered to work on a Friday afternoon…?