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What are Shag Bands?

It was a few weeks ago on the BBC Breakfast News that I heard about “shag bands” , but at that time in the morning they were struggling to say the real name for them until one of the guests who ran a website selling them named them.

In the couple of weeks leading up the story on the news the “shag bands” had been entering primary schools which caused general outrage when teachers and parents found out what they were and has ended up them being a banned product. The only problem was that the kids just like them for what they are… multi coloured jelly bracelets.

shag bands

There is more to these bracelets than meets the eye and it’s to do with the colour as each one has a different meaning, and when you snap one that belongs to someone else you have to carry out an act from hugging, to kissing, to sex and everything in between and beyond depending on the colour.

On Friday Miles, my 9 year old, pulled out of his pocket when he was getting ready for the bath an orange jelly bracelet. I spied it and acted curious and a bit dumb and asked “What’s that?”. Without a second thought Miles replied, “It’s a shag band”. To hear the word “shag” come out of his mouth shocked me, and then I started asking what they were, only to be told about the snapping of the bracelets and depending on the colour you have to do something. Black is the one to watch out for apparently as that means “you have to get in bed with the other person”!

After this little discovery, I had to put my serious parenting cap on to firstly explain that they mustn’t say “shag” and that these will soon be banned in school once the teachers find them. But going back to my earlier comment, that even though the kids knew the meaning of them, and had renamed them the “multicoloured bracelets” they still wanted some … not to snap or for the meaning that has sprung up around them, but because they are colourful and kids like jelly bracelets.


  • leanne

    i like the yellow shag band thst mean hug

  • molly

    they are aright most people have them so i go along with the trend but they are banned from school my favourite is black or pink.

  • jocelyne

    hey i wanna kno how each jelly mean by one color

  • ayesha

    what dose the orange shag band mean ?x thank you x

  • david


  • sarah copeland

    would you tell me what the black and purple shag bands mean **THANK YOU**

    dose purple mean anel

  • miley

    cool what does the npink and yellow 1 mean?:)

  • chelse

    they all mean what u want them to mean dont tell no one that


    i think its ok as long as the children dont follow what the meanings are like i dont i wear them but dont do what they say i also break peoples ones but we dont think about the meanings 🙂

  • _brooke smith_

    hey they are still in our school but the black ones have got banned but if out teachers find out we have them then we get placed in isolation but i think its appaling children as young as 11 are wearing them and you can look at the colors on the website

    what so the shag bad colours mean?

  • _brooke smith_

    the “bands” mean

    Yellow – hug.
    Pink – hickey.
    Orange/purple – kiss.
    Red – lap dance.
    Green/blue – oral.
    Clear – whatever the other person wants.
    Black – sex.
    White – flash.

  • Vikki james

    hey i like the idea of shagg bands they are funky and fun coz if u want it to do what they mean then you do so…… but dont let no-one snap them if you are not ready for what they mean.. trust me 🙂

  • Chloe

    Hey i think snap band’s are cool.Only if kidz could mix colors together

  • yvonne

    heyaa they r cool dood :L haha x

  • dean

    i honestly dont care about the meanings but they should change the name to multi braclets or bands and there cool looking and fashionable so dont care wat the mean just wear them wit pride

  • jess

    they r pure cool im only 12 luv them i hav 10 black and loads of the others

  • Georgey lee

    Shag bands are funky. No onne is to fussed about them now. Our school lets you wear them and they dont mind. They sound bad but if its what you want to do then its your choice you have to suffer the consiquences.

  • Gemma

    I got the same colour as my x-boyfriend and that neans that if i break it then i have to rainvow kiss him, i got a pink one!!
    Also i think that theyre just a test to see how stupid you r