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What’s Wrong with the England Team?

After watching a dismal performance by the England team in this year’s World Cup, not even getting into the quarter finals, questions have to asked in the England camp as to what went wrong. It wasn’t as if they played like the lions that they are meant to be, and beaten by supreme quality, but they let the whole country down with their lack lustre performances.

So what is wrong with the England team? Is it the manager? Well Fabio Capello has a whole load of trophies to his name and the reason why he was chosen as England manager was because of his previous successes, so maybe previously he had a good team to manage. Is it a disadvantage having a foreign manager of the England team who perhaps can’t quite communicate properly with the team? Why can’t we have an English manager, is that too much to ask?

My personal feeling is that it is the team itself… or lack of it more to the point. I’d firstly put some blame on the English Premiership for not having some sort of cap on the number of foreign players that play in the Premiership. When it comes to selection time for England we only have a hand full of players to choose from and we haven’t invested enough in bringing on the young English talent.

Then you have the situation in England where the players earn FAR too much money for playing 90 minutes of football a week. They have turned into spoilt primadonnas who only think about how great they are and want all the glory for themselves rather than focusing on teamwork. Take Rooney for instance, who during the past couple of games I’ve been shouting at the TV to get him off as you could just see that he wasn’t playing well and half the time it looked like he didn’t want to be there. Rooney’s problem is that when he plays for Manchester United he is delivered good ball after good ball, so only has to convert a couple to be their top goal scorer. He is made out to be this fantastic talent and takes all the glory for the goals he scores, rather than commending the guy that made the cross to him. What makes Rooney the “star” he is meant to be, is the rest of the Man United team supporting him. In some of the England games it almost looked like he was sulking when he wasn’t passed the ball.

Rooney was expected to bag a load of goals during the World Cup, but didn’t even get one. His play was very disappointing and he looked sluggish and lazy for a lot of it. I’m sure there are many professional football players that would have done anything to be out in South Africa with an England shirt on and given it their all. It wasn’t all up front where it was going wrong but the defence was pretty shocking at times, as if they hadn’t done any training together or knew how each other played. While I was watching the game it reminded me of when I watch the kids play, everyone grouped together trying to play the ball rather than having people out wide in some clear space.

There is of course the media who have played a huge role in hyping up the England team. The England team looked nervous or under pressure in the games but surely they have played enough big matches to be able to handle it. We always think that England are unbeatable, but we seriously lack the talent in the players to get any further in the World Cup than we did. Time to take the England flags down and get back to normal.


  • Elaine

    Let’s hope that in 2014 some Leeds players will be in the running for England places – and my 2p

    managing is all about communication, whichever industry you’re in – and some folk have trouble understanding good English – we certainly need an English manager.

  • Ron

    It’s funny how we’re all just looking at the problems with our football team, I think we need to look at our country as a whole, and use the performance of our football team as an example of what we are all becoming,
    I hope I don’t see the end result in my life time………………

  • mick g

    lets not kid ourselves here Becky, the issues of our national side goes way back even before the big influx of foreign players

    for me the only time we shone through as a team in the last 40 years and had a buzz was Italy 1998, and lets not forget too we had a great manager and a gentleman in Sir Bobby Robson who had accumulated a lot of experience with managing foreign clubs at the highest level at that time, maybe thats what rubbed off onto the players

    they are paid too much money for what they do at club level and are paid very little at national level by comparison

    what i would like to know is like you said why was Rooney even on the pitch for the 4 games, unless i missed him doing something fantastic off the ball he was a complete and utter waste of time, he did not even try to make it to some balls what passed close by him and when a chance came he went in half heartedly

    what i did find amusing a few days before the Germany game when klinsman was asked questions by Liniker and Klinsman said the German team are not bothered if the loose, talk about reverse psychology, the German team out played us and out classed us in every department …I think Klinsman knew 🙂