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Wensleydale vs Ripon, U10 & U12 Rugby

Today the kids played in their first competitive rugby match for Ripon Rugby Club. They have been training with the squad for the last couple of weeks and this morning we set off early (hangovers and all) up into the Dales to a cold and blustery Leyburn. The rugby club is set in a great location but is pretty open to the elements, so we made sure we had lots of warm layers on, and the tea and bacon sandwiches certainly helped. Ripon won both the U10 and U12 matches which was great, and the kids really enjoyed getting stuck in. Here are a couple of action shots!

Ethan on the left facing the opposition, with the clubhouse in the background

Ethan about to get the pass and charge forwards

The U12 team with Miles in the middle of the picture on the wing

Miles about to be heavily tackled after being taken out


  • Carla Marshall

    Oooh, I think this was the match that was mentioned on Simon Mayo’s show on Radio Two on Friday evening. One of the mums of a boy from the Wensleydale team was talking about it and Simon promised that the result would be read out as part of the sports news tomorrow evening 🙂

  • Becky

    Cool … shame they will have to read out the scores of defeat

  • David Elstob

    I remember having to play out there. Bloody freezing it was, couldn’t you have let them play a nice indoor sport instead?