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Welsummer Hens at the Naylor’s

Some of you may recall that last Christmas Dave bought me an Eglu (modern day chicken coop) as I’ve gone on about getting some hens for a while now.

This weekend once the weather had started to get better we finally got organised and sorted out part of the garden, and set up the Eglu and the run. Then we went and got ourselves some chickens, they are Welsummer Bantams. They will be free range chickens eventually once we shore up the boundaries of the garden but for the time being they will be staying in their run. If you don’t want your garden totally trashed then the best way is to create an area that they can be kept in, so we have sectioned off an area with wooden border, taken up the grass, and added lots of bark chippings. What you need to do every few weeks is rake out the soiled bark chippings and replace it with fresh.

So here are our 3 hens… who are at the point of lay, but so far we haven’t seen any eggs but no doubt it takes them a bit of time to settle in. Welsummer’s lay what they call “flower pot eggs” which are dark brown / terracotta in colour and I can’t wait until we can start using the eggs.

This is my hen.. Tilly


This is Bella … Dave’s hen


Then this is Milly .. the kids hen


We have worked out that we can tell them apart by the different shapes of their combs on top of their heads, but so far they don’t answer to their names!

And this is all 3 of them outside their new home

3 hens


  • Jude

    Your hens look so happy and contented–love the names!!

    There can be nothing better than collecting your own eggs.

  • tregiffian

    are you really trying to kid us that you can tell them apart?

    whatever, glad to see Dave’s pulled a cracker.

    best. west.

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  • nick

    they look good i may try a couple myself best regards nick

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