My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby


It’s my 34th birthday today, so I thought I’d make a mark on the internet and finally get my domain, that I have had for a couple of years, set up so that I can blog about my thoughts, viewpoints and experiences.

I’m hoping that on this blog I can share how my life fits together, and how as a mum to 2 boys and a full time company director I keep the balance right between work and home or home and work. I tend to be at full pace from when the alarm goes off in the morning at 06:40 to when the kids are tucked up in bed at around 21:00 and through out the day I tackle a whole host of questions and always have a big list of jobs to get done.

Anyway since it is my birthday and I’m at work .. its about time I tucked into the big chocolate birthday cake before all the guys eat it all. Its a shame Dave isn’t here as he’s at SES New York, but maybe he’ll link to me from his blog as a birthday treat!


  • Dominic Hodgson

    Fantastic and welcome to the world of blogging, My other half also set up a blog this week (which I will plug as

    Looking forward to hearing (or reading?) more!

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