My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

A Walk from Ripon to Studley Royal

The sun was shining this morning at the start of a Bank Holiday weekend, so what better way to clear the hangover that was lingering from a bigger than expected session at the rugby club last night than to go on a long walk. I’d normally go out walking with Cooper at the weekend on my own for a big stomp but today I had Dave’s company.. so off we set to Studley Royal. We’ve very lucky to have the World Heritage site of Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal on our doorstep.

This is a great walk to do as a loop which takes in some stunning scenery, open countryside, woodland and rivers … perfect for spaniels to have lots of fun. I took my pedometer with me today and we did nearly 13,000 steps and walked 8.7km which is 5.5 miles. Here are a few pictures of the adventure we had.

This is Cooper when we got through Studley Roger and crossed Studley Royal Deer Park. The deers were out of sight so Cooper could enjoy a big run.
studley deer park

I love this view of the driveway which is perfectly in line with Ripon Cathedral
ripon cathedral from studley

Here’s Dave and Cooper when we reached the lakeside. Cooper didn’t want to pose for his photo as he was too busy eyeing up some swans.
dave naylor

We treated ourselves to some refreshments at the tearoom which was delicious .. you can’t beat a scone with jam and clotted cream.
scone & jam

We set off again to head back to Ripon via the Seven Bridges
becky naylor

We saw two batches of baby geese which were very cute
baby geese

and a big swan (you can see the tearoom in the background)
swan at studley

The big lake then feeds water into the River Skell which carries on its journey after being diverted through Fountains Abbey and the Water Gardens
studley lake waterfall

Once we got passed all the temptations for Cooper he was away again
cooper at studley

The Seven Bridges section of the walk is as it suggests, and you cross over the bridges as the river meanders along.
seven bridges walk

It was surprising that the river had run dry though in one of the sections, but hopefully they will push some more water through
dry river skell studley

We then headed up through Brown Cow Wood to join Whitcliffe Lane, then through Spinney Woods to head onto Hell Wath, across the fields and joining the river again.

What a great walk… I have tried to map it out below – Blue blobs out, red blobs back. Next time we do it we’ll reverse it I think.
ripon studley walk