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Updates on the Bronco HQ

Just over 3 weeks ago I did a post about the new Bronco HQ that is under development, and over the last week or so I have been trying to get some pictures of how its coming along but its been really dusty so the pictures have been coming out rubbish. Today I managed to take a few quick snaps on my Blackberry.

Here is the startings of the kitchen

And then we have the toilet block that has been rebuilt. Gents on the right, Ladies on the left with lovely new fittings still to go in.

Then we have the framework for the new meeting room. As you may be able to see the entire roof structure has been removed and some big steels put in place.

We then have the back of the building where a new entrance will be built which will lead into a cloakroom / locker room and a station for printers etc, with a private accounts office.

Then looking back up the building the main office space

More to come in a few weeks 🙂

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  • Judith Hunt

    really coming on–looks superb, will see it soon