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Update on the Renovations

Its been just over 3 weeks since the building work started at home to knock the kitchen and dining room together, as well as knock down the conservatory, dig out the foundations and re-lay the patio. There is still lots more to do, and we need to work out how best to use the space, but here are some before and after pictures. (Can’t believe how gorgeous the weather was back at the end of March when I took the first set of “before” pictures!)

The next task for the end of this week is for the old dining room external door to be blocked up and bricked to half height to match the other side of the bay, for 3 new full glass windows to be installed and for the bay to be rendered. Then for the sliding doors that were originally between the kitchen and conservatory to be replaced with new french doors. So the back of the house will get transformed and we’ll reduce the amount of brickwork on show while making a feature of the bay.


  • judith hunt

    looks really lovely and such a lot of space

  • Richard Hunt

    What a difference! All that great space inside and all we need are some nice summer days for a BBQ or 3 on the outside terrace.