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Update on the new Bronco HQ

I haven’t done an update on the progress on the new Bronco HQ for a while now so here are some recent pictures from the last few weeks on the progress. We’re on about week 10 now and slightly over running on the schedule but we’re hoping to be moving in 2 weeks time to our new offices. We have been busy restructuring our inhouse procedures and working on how we can integrate the teams we have better to be more fluid in what we do, now that we will be all on the same level, so interesting times ahead 🙂

We are adding a bit of an industrial look to the building and since its quite a new building we have brought in some fake brickwork for some of the walls

The desking has all been custom made to measure and this is it as it was going in.

The bespoke custom made kitchen, complete with zinc worktop, has been given some colour with the tiling and this is while the tetris pattern splashback was going in (more tetris pattern to feature elsewhere)

The custom made meeting room had the glass added – a nerve racking time for the builders as it went perfectly into place

The breakout furniture arrived. Unfortunately the sofa and bar stools arrived wrong, but we have been assured the replacements will be here on time

This week the steelwork corridor started to take shape, still to be given a coat of paint

The steelwork carries on into the offices. You can see the brickwork in place and painted. Still lots of feature and functional lighting to go in

Its really starting to take shape now, and its with a big thank you to Paul and Heather from Phaus who created the designs for us all those months ago.