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Undercover Boss – Park Resorts

So last night the series started for Channel 4’s Undercover Boss series. As normal in our house in the evening we tend to get drawn into doing more work or research on the internet so I have programmes like this recording on Sky so we can watch it when we are ready. It was probably about 10pm by the time we got to watch it, and the good thing about watching from record is that you can skip past the adverts (if you remember you can wizz it on)

It was a really good programme and very interesting to watch. The director Andy surprised me right at the beginning that he was the head of Marketing but had never been to a holiday resort before. How on earth can you market something if you have no idea what it is really like or the type of people you’re marketing needs to aim at. Surely in any company part of the basic induction should be spending time hands on.

Anyway he was really prepared to get his hands dirty and I’m sure the Park Resorts staff relish the image of Andy with his hand down the toilet. There were some cringe worthy moments on the show especially when the Cleaning crew manager said that she hated her job, and then the general state of the kitchen was pretty awful and makes you question how food is prepared in fast food restaurants.

After comparing 2 holiday parks, he did though realise that there are alternative ways to pay and reward people. Rather than just paying cleaners minimum wage it worked much better to reduce the number of supervisors in order to give a much better wage to the cleaners. As Andy said it was the cleanliness of the caravans that was the most important thing to get repeat business.


One thing that I don’t understand is how the staff don’t think something odd is happening when a random guy turns up with a film crew who is meant to be making a documentary about learning a new job, but he speaks quite posh, and asks questions about what they would change and how they feel about working there.

I’m sure the whole experience will make a difference to how he thinks about the whole structure of the company and the value of the staff further down the line out of head office. The other Directors who he reported back to look like they could do with a fun week away at a holiday park though!

One classic line that Andy came out with about Management is that the staff in a company are affected by the Managers shadow, which is why the Cleaning Manager who hated her job passed that negativity to the team, and the happy, motivated cleaning manager had a great team behind her. It all boils down again to the importance of staff in a company who are the ones who hold the keys to make it a success.


  • sam

    please please do get back to me about this! there is a caravan park in south wales called camarthen bay holiday park, with park resorts! it is disgusting! the staff dont care about it, people pay loads of money to stay there and you wonder why the staff dont spend the money to clean it up properly, i DO NOT understand how it is still in the same state as it was years ago! something needs to be done before someone or some child falls ill from the dirtyness of it! please help! put it on tv if you have to and show them up for letting this carry on! people have complained and apparently just been giving attitude, i cant even explain how dirty this place is, id here all day, something needs to be done, its really that bad.

  • Paul

    I am a caravan owner at
    park resorts site in great yarmouth

    I must say in my opinion the
    staff an facilities are good
    unfortunatley the way that park resorts change the rules
    and move the goal posts once you have paid out your hard earned money is disgusting
    they complain if you have so much as a weed growing near your caravan, while the staff caravans and area around them are discusting, with 3 fooot high weededs and rubish strewn around for weeks, the latest letter from head office tells us we are not allowed to chain our gas bottles as the chains look unsightly,hence gas bottles are now going missing

  • john

    Park resorts are run by crooks So what chance do you have of getting what you paid for

  • Jeremy

    But didn’t veryone notice that of the 2 staff members who were supposed to be ‘rewarded’ for making a difference – one for her smart way of paying cleeaners more money and – astonishingly – getting motivation and results – the other for working like a Trojan in a kitchen in appalling and unsafe conidtions – neither remained at the company 2 years later. Also did we hear anything about repercussions at management level for running a kitchen without staff trained in basic hygiene and with unsafe mains electricity connections strewn about the floor? In my book all this sounds like sackable offences in a well-run holiday or catering firm?

  • claire

    Weve just come back from an holiday at carmarthen bay our caravan was thick with dog hair my daughter has exzema and this didnt help. The all park is badly run.

  • Mrs. D

    I have just come back from California Cliffs after spending a weeks punishnent at this filthy resort. My family & I arrived at 8pm on the site & on entering the caravan the smell of urine just hit you, also no toilet roll, everywhere covered in dog hairetc. The caravan had only been tidied over & not cleaned plus no clean bedding, the bedrooms smelled musty. Also every dish & utensils that we were expected to use had to be washed. I went to the reception to complain & was told that i could buy toilet roll from a shop that was about a mile away but shut when we got there. Following day we went & complained again & was told a cleaner would come to us & try to sort out any problems we had. She said she would give it a good clean but i refused her offer & told her to give me the clean bedding & hoover & I would do it myself as their standard of cleaning was not the same as mine. The cooker didn’t even work properly, it took 2 hours for chips to cook so no doubt we didn’t try use it again. Also the launderette was another filthy hovel & even the bar always had glasses on the tables from the night before. Never again will Park Resorts have my well earned £605 cash I paid for the holiday. I would have preferred to have given it to Charity. Just one last comment: Park Resorts Clean your act up !

  • Mrs. D

    I would also like to add that my son suffers from hayfever & had to stay outside of the caravan as much as possible.
    California Cliffs in Great Yarmouth needs new cleaning staff who take pride in their work & not be expected to cover other duties on site. If it were up to me I would have sacked the cleaner on the spot who had the nerve to sign a card to say that she had completed the cleaning of the caravan. It just proves ” There’s no place like home”