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Trip to The Lakes and Gretna

We’ve just got back from an Easter weekend break to The Lake District and Gretna Green to round off our wedding renewal. We originally got married in Gretna Green and our original honeymoon was a few days in The Lakes. Here are a few pics from the last few days.

The kids getting ready to set off in Bob on Good Friday

On the way to The Lakes

Stopped off on the way in Kendal to have an instructed session at the Lakeland Climbing Centre, that has a scarily high 20m (66ft) climbing wall. The climber in the picture is already pretty high up with a long way to go.

Here’s Ethan doing a climb

On Saturday we headed to Grasmere where we had Gingerbread from Sarah Mason’s famous Gingerbread Shop and saw Wordsworth’s grave at St Oswald’s church.

Then we hired a rowing boat at the Faeryland Tea Garden, and enjoyed some Faery Grey tea afterwards.

It was then on to Newby Bridge and Lakeside which is at the bottom of Windermere and we went the scenic route along Coniston Water.

We then went to the Lakeland Motor Museum and looked at the impressive collection of old cars, as well as visiting the Donald Campbell exhibition with a replica Bluebird (it was massive).

On Sunday we headed up to Scotland, but enroute we stopped off at Dalemain, a big impressive stately home near Penrith.

Then it was up the M6 to the Scottish border and Gretna Green.

Here we are, the Old Blacksmith Shop in Gretna Green, where we got married back on the 4th April 1998. We ended up chatting to the resident bagpiper and the museum curator and sadly found out that Rev. Dennison who married us, as well as the bagpiper, who gave me away, had passed away a few years ago. We had to wait a bit to go into the museum, as there were weddings on, but we finally got to go through to the marriage room.

It hadn’t changed a bit

Back at the Anvil 14 years later 🙂

We then headed to the Gretna Chase Hotel for the night which is where we had a few drinks and some food after the original wedding. The bar in the hotel hadn’t changed at all really.


  • kelvin collins

    Love the pics you kids.

    Especially impressed with the boys out rowing!

  • jen lofthouse

    the pictures are great looks like you all really enjoyed it.

  • Richard Hunt

    Nice pics, doesn’t seem to changed at all. I’ve been to that motor museum and the one in Cockermouth is good too, with the exhibits changing each year.

  • judith hunt

    Never mind the rowing I think the climbing wall is fantastic!!