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Tilly Has Laid an Egg!

So in my last post I was explaining how we got 3 Welsummer hens at the weekend and hadn’t had an egg yet. We weren’t that bothered as we knew it may take them a bit of time to get settled and comfortable.

Anyway when I got back from work today with the kids they rushed into the garden to check for eggs and then to my amazement came racing back around shouting they there was an egg. I say it was Tilly (my hen) that laid the egg as she has the reddest comb and that is a sign apparently of “coming of age”.

Its a beautifully formed egg, and the lovely shell colour that they say that Welsummer hens lay and here is a proud picture of it.

tilly's first egg

Looks pretty good doesn’t it. There is only a slight problem that when you put it next to a standard supermarket free range egg, size Large, that we normally buy, lets hope they lay lots of eggs or lay bigger eggs as they develop 🙂

size comparison

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