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Think Visibility 2013 – Burst the Speaking Bubble

This weekend was Think Visibility 9 in Leeds so I headed there with Dave, as well as Anthony, Kean and Sian from Bronco. It was Think Visibility’s 5th birthday and its great that Dom has made such a success with this conference and what makes it even better is that its close to home and that there is a great turnout of “regulars” to catch up with.

This year was going to be different for me as I was going to burst my speaking bubble. Dom had asked me a few times to speak at ThinkVis … (hopefully not just to balance the male / female speaker ratio 😉 ) .. but I have always shied away from it because I have always been in Dave’s shadow at conferences, and its really Dave that people want to hear. But Dom must have caught me on a good day a few months ago because I ended up saying yes. It crossed my mind many times running up to ThinkVis as to what had I got myself in for!

We came up with the topic of “The Story of Bronco – How to Run a Successful Agency” and since we are coming up to Bronco’s 10th birthday next month it was a great opportunity to share how we run Bronco with others. There was a good turnout to the session and given that it was the last session of the day, it hopefully offered some light relief. If you weren’t at ThinkVis, or missed the session you can take a look.

Once I got started I think I made a fairly decent job of it and managed to ad-lib around the content on the slides, as there is nothing worse than a speaker putting a slide up and then just reading it out while the audience just reads the same information. I’ll have to give a big thanks to Dave for sharing the session with me, and giving me lots of support, and for all the friendly faces in the audience. I hope that people could take something away from it and learn more about us personally too.

I don’t look too scared! (thanks to sk8geek for posting the pics)

Here’s some of the session feedback, which I’m really grateful for 🙂

Some other special moments from the conference was having a great speakers dinner on Friday night at The Cattle Grid, a good catch up with old friends at the Friday party, being proud of myself and the Bronco guys for taking it easy on Friday night ready for an early start, a great day of interesting sessions on Saturday, amazing pick and mix, a really fun meal out on Saturday at Pizza Express with the Bronco and 10Yetis team, then the cool Winter Wonderland Christmas party, and then a late night wind down drink with Dom and the Bronco guys back at the hotel. Special thanks to Santa for my present.. and a big thanks to Dom and Heather for yet again putting on a great weekend.