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There’s Nothing Like a Good Clear Out

So when we were in Bristol last week we started the “grand plan” for sorting out the house and getting round to all the things that we keep talking about. One of those plans is to finally get Dave his VW Campervan or a fun classic car that we can use at weekends as a family. A few things need to happen first, and one of those things is to get the garage cleared out enough so that we can actually use it for a vehicle. In order to do this we needed to sort out the garden and make way for a proper shed to store some of the tools from the garage.

We currently have, at the back of the house, an area that used to have a proper wooden shed on it, but we have only got one of those big plastic storage units on it and generally used the area as a dumping ground. So if we were to get a proper wooden shed all of the junk would need getting rid of. So the start of the grand plan happened this week when I ordered a big 5′ x 7′ wooden shed which I happened to be able to get for delivery on Saturday. So with a shed ordered and enroute we needed to get a big skip ordered which arrived at the house this morning and once I got home from work I spent a couple of hours clearing up, and started to empty some of the junk from the garage.

I ended up getting stung by a wasp as I cleared lots of ivy from the back fence where the new shed is going which really KILLED .. but I kept on going to get it all sorted for when Dave got home. I can’t remember the last time that I got stung by a wasp but I was very close to tears and I’m normally quite tough with a high pain threshold. (I always reckon your pain threshold gets higher once you’ve given birth!)

So anyway .. I’m a bit of a one for before and after pictures, so here is the skip before at 5.30pm


and here is the skip at 7.30pm


Not bad going .. more to do tomorrow when the shed arrives, and I have a few rooms in the house to tackle … mainly the kids playroom which is full of toys that they no longer play with. Here’s to regaining some space back!


  • Elaine

    Geez I live in fear of being stung = never have been and I know I’ll cry like a baby – my paid threshold has plummeted with each child, I think I’d pass out if I ever broke anything …

  • Home Garden Products

    WOw you have done a great job. I will also try to follow you by starting with my home garden.

  • just Guido

    Shame the house fills up ever so fast again. 🙂

  • Mel Carson

    Where is the shed???

  • Skip Hire Portsmouth

    Good going!
    Shame you’re outside our skip hire delivery area 🙁