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The World’s Biggest Cruise Liner

I’m not a big fan of sailing after a few dodgy ferry crossings in the North Sea and the English Channel but I reckon on the new monster Oasis of the Seas cruise ship you wouldn’t feel any slight sway of the ocean.

We have just been talking about whether going on a cruise would be a good holiday or not and I’m still undecided, not that I would fancy shelling out all that cash to go on a boat. It would be an amazing experience though to go on a brand new cruise liner which is the biggest in the world, but with that comes loads of other people and a sense perhaps of being stuck in a floating town.

The ship is really impressive though and huge, as the video shows as it left the ship builders earlier in the year. I just find it hard to comprehend how they actually build something this big.

The Oasis of the Seas will be doing its maiden voyage on December 5th from Florida, and there will be a huge naming ceremony taking place on the 30th November where the ship gets some “godmothers” or guardians to look after it. The ship has 16 decks, cost $1.24billion to build and at capacity can hold around 6000 passengers. The ship has many unique features such as a Central Park with a canopy of trees and flower gardens, and most of the rooms will have a view as the central part of the ship is an open plaza. It sounds pretty amazing especially the loft suites which occupy 2 floors with floor to ceiling windows. All I need now is to get some spare time to be able to go on a lavish luxury holiday.. perhaps I should have a word with Dave. 🙂