My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

The Tour Recap

It’s hard to recap on the weekend without writing reams about how great it was, so its time for some pictures for my recap. Dave took over 2000 photos during the weekend with his super cool long distance lens on his camera, so was able to get some really good action shots from the touchline. We’ve just spent most of the afternoon uploading them to the “parents only” photo gallery and I’ve just now been able to go through them all and pick out some ones that captured the weekend for me and the kids.

Bronco sponsored the playing shirts along with the coaches shirts and it was a bit weird seeing the Bronco logo everywhere at first, but it made us very proud we were able to do it for the club and the kids.

We took Bob The Campervan with us, dressed up with his tour ribbons

bob the campervan (1280x889)

The theme on the tour was Cops and Robbers and all the parents got their tour polo shirt … here’s mine which we had to wear all weekend without fail or there would be punishment.

becks (1280x853)

We also had SWAT fancy dress outfits and the kids had their robber polo shirts to wear at all times


Even though it was Ethan’s tour with the U11’s, Miles had a great time too and spent loads of time with the younger kids which he loves to do. I love this picture, I wonder what they are chatting about 🙂

miles and oakley (1280x853)

There is a great crowd of parents at Ripon Rugby club and standing on the touch line cheering on the kids is a great memory

touchline parents (1280x817)

A big thanks goes out to Pete, Dave and Nigel who are the kids great coaches (as well as fellow parents). Al who is also a coach, couldn’t make it on tour, which was a shame as he is Mr. Motivator, but they did a fantastic job at getting the kids fired up before the matches.

the coaches (1280x894)

Here’s a bit of a team huddle

pre match team talk (1280x867)

I must mention the gale force wind on the Sunday that we were greeted with when we arrived. Carnage had taken place during the night with gazebos blown clear of the pitches and portaloos blown over! One of our shelters didn’t make it but thanks to the experts we got our primary shelter secured and tethered to one of the Land Rovers 🙂

shelter strapped down (1280x853)

To show how windy it was this is what I looked like most of Sunday!

windy becky (1280x932)

and you needed sunglasses to keep the dust that was everywhere getting into your eyes… still finding dust now!

So now for some of Ethan’s action

ethan running (1280x931)

ethan on a run (1280x854)

ethan ruck (1280x940)

ethan tackled again (1280x893)

ethan with the ball (1280x854)

And all that’s left is the team photo…we narrowly missed the finals, but played some great rugby, all came home in one piece, and all had a superb weekend… roll on next year 🙂

team photo (1280x864)