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The SOPA Blackout

So the SOPA blackout has started.

Wikipedia now looks like this

Along with many other sites who have decided to blackout their sites in protest over the proposed SOPA ruling against piracy on the web.

We all know that Wiki is a great resource for information on the web and tends to rank #1 for a million+ searches but its not the only website out there with information on it, but a massive collection of all the worlds knowledge. Maybe if Wiki wasn’t around it would allow the in depth research and knowledge sites to actually get a look in. Personally I don’t think the blackout will really do much to sway the US government on the ruling and I’m sure if SOPA was passed they certainly wouldn’t blackout their websites for good.

Added : If you do actually want to access Wiki just turn off Javascript

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  • Elaine

    I listened to a discussion on 5 live in the early hours of this morning (the one benefit of insomnia – I learn a lot in the twee hours). And the guy speaking for SOPA, made far more sense than the opposition, who seemed to be scaremongering and foretelling the end of the internet as we know it.