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The sofa arrives

Today as expected the sofa that we had designed and ordered from Nabru arrived … on a huge lorry that couldn’t fit into the business park (apparently) so the guys had to unload it all and carry it to the new building in bits. It was like a huge jigsaw, with lots of different shapes and sizes of MDF all cut specifically so that the sofa frame would all slot together. The instructions were massive and there were even instructions for understanding the instructions.

I decided that I was best to leave Dave and the guys to get cracking on it and throughout the morning and afternoon the sofa started to take shape. There wasn’t much I could do to help, but it certainly seemed like a challenge especially as it was such a big sofa.

This was the sofa at around lunchtime and here’s the pic of how it was when I left tonight .. its looking really good, and is really comfy and massive!

The only problem that we has was that we were just missing the right hand arm but that was dealt with efficiently by Nabru and we should get it in the morning.

Also the kitchen is nearly all done and I’m looking forward to giving it a good clean down and getting all the new crockery, cutlery and appliances in and getting it ready to use. There’s just a bit of tidying up around the tiles to sort out.