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The Perfect Flight Comparison Site

Wouldn’t it be great if everything was perfect, but sadly things can’t always be … and everytime that I try to work out some flights for getting Dave, or us both, to a conference efficiently I always have the same issues.

You have the likes of say BMI who can offer a really wide selection of flights but you only find out where they fly once you have chosen your starting point, and then it will tell you where is available. But I don’t think I am unique in the fact that we have a few airports to choose from. Our closest airports are Leeds Bradford and Teesside, but in easy reach is Newcastle as well as East Midlands, Robin Hood Airport and of course Manchester. On trips to the USA Dave sometimes has to go via London but even then you have Heathrow, Gatwick, London City, Stansted and Luton all to consider.

I have just been looking at sorting out flights to Munich in May, so the first thing to do is to see which airport actually flies there direct. You can either trawl on sites like Expedia but you have to do the search for each airport with your dates, but then they miss out the airlines like Jet2 (who have big hubs at Leeds and Manchester) and other airlines like Easyjet. So then I tend to then look on the individual airport websites to see their destination map to see where they fly and which airline, or alternatively check on the Munich airport website to see where they fly. Then I will go direct to the individual airline website to start working out pricing and the schedules.

Interestingly it seems the only place to fly direct to Munich from the North of England is Manchester, but you can go by Lufthansa, Easy Jet or Singapore Airlines.

The Solution
The solution may exist.. but I haven’t found it yet. The solution would be to be able to go to a single website and state the Country that you are in and the place/airport that you want to go to. This should then show you all the direct flight routes available from all the UK airports that you can go off and book. This would work really well in the UK where by travelling a couple of hours you can get to a few airports, but I’m sure its a similar situation in many countries. On this site you could also search by a particular, user defined group of airports maybe, or just see Northern airports or London airports maybe.

Alternatively you may want to do a reverse look up and say type in Munich and then the country that you will be coming from to see which airports connect together.

As I said earlier this may exist, in which case can someone tell me what it is… and if someone takes up the idea and creates this site then I’ll be the guinea pig tester (and obviously take a share in the profits 🙂 )


  • Aussiewebmaster

    really good idea – make Dave get it done

  • Richard

    It’s a great idea and like any idea but it has to work otherwise it just becomes another idea. I can tell you I was looking for a ski holiday to meet up with some friends and the ski holiday site asked me to put in which airport I preferred. I entered Newcastle from the drop down list and it came up with literally dozens from Gatwick!!! So I then entered any northern airport, again from the drop down list. Guess what, yes you are right, dozens from Gatwick and one from Birmingham.

  • Stephan

    I think in Germany there exists such a site already:

    Unfortunately only for Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, but as far as I understood you, they’ve turned your idea into reality. Perhaps they will offer the service in UK soon.

  • Stephan

    PS.: if you want to test it, use the “powersuche” (which translates to something like “mightyful search” ;-)). There you can specify regions.

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  • Martino

    Hi Becky – just wondering if you have ever heard of – a budget airlines search engine, featuring over 100 budget airlines worldwide?

  • Nicholas Chapman

    I really like for this purpose