My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

The Importance of Quality Time

The kids have been away this weekend with Dave’s parents having no doubt a really fun packed time at the sea side. They set off on Friday after school so we’ve had a kid free weekend and we’ve been able to enjoy the freedom to do whatever we like. Its always a wierd feeling when the kids go away… you have the excitement of the freedom and the realisation that you will be able to do what you like without having to think about the kids, but then mixed with that the worry of if they are going to be ok and just genarally missing them being around. Like today we walked to the supermarket and you’re so used to a little hand grabbing yours that it was odd that the kids weren’t there.

We’ve had a great weekend though with my sister Amanda and brother in law Kelvin coming to Ripon on Friday evening to stay. We spent yesterday, which was our wedding anniversary, getting up late, wandering into town to Ladbrookes to bet on the Grand National, strolling down the river, drinking champagne while excitedly watching the Grand National and not winning, then heading out for a big anniversary and Bronco birthday meal with all the guys from work. Today it was another late start and lots of time just to sit and relax. The one thing though that I have been thinking about today is the importance of making sure you have lots of quality time with the people you love. Dave and I are always so busy at work that we always try to make sure that whatever time we get with the kids is the best we can make it.

I tend to be in charge of organising things so I’ll get an idea of a place we can go and do the research, then sneak off and book a holiday. If we go anywhere with the kids we tend to stay at Hilton hotels as Dave has a good stash of reward points that we can use to get a free or cheap stay. Some of the fun things we have done with the kids over the years that build their experiences are flying to London for a long weekend, going first class on a train to Edinburgh for a long weekend, flying to Dublin and staying in a castle, driving to Blackpool for a few days to see the illuminations and doing horse riding and learning to swim at Centreparcs. The aim is to take the kids to lots of places and to have regular breaks. As you may be able to tell from some of the places we have been we tend to go for a long weekend as we try to limit the time we are out of the office apart from our annual week away at our apartment in Marbella.

So what’s coming up next… one place I have always been intrigued about is the Isle of Man, just inbetween England and Ireland … and they happen to have a Hilton in the capital Douglas so we’re spending the Easter weekend there. It’s only just sunken in that we set off early on Thursday morning to fly to Douglas, so that means I’ve only got 3 days in the office next week …eeeek … plus I’m going to have to pack everything too. I always find that the couple of days leading up to a trip away is hectic and stressy .. but once we’re there we totally appreciate the time that we can all spend together and make the most of it. This is why I totally believe in that its not the quantity of time that you spend with your family and kids but the quality. I’ll explain in a seperate post what has made both me and Dave feel so strongly about making the most of what you have and that you must appreciate everything you have as it could get taken away from you in the blink of an eye.