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The Importance of a Good Website

It still surprises me that some companies, even the big ones, have websites that they must cringe ever so slightly at when they look at them … or am I being uber critical? It’s good for us at Bronco though as we love nothing better that revamping an old, tired looking website.

Some companies still haven’t grasp on to the internet revolution and got themselves a web presence yet, but they soon will do. Sometimes perhaps not having a website at all is better than having a bad site. I always think that having a bad website is like a high street shop having a terrible window display. Could you imagine walking down the high street heading to a clothes shop, and in their window was creased up, dirty and torn clothes slumped over the back of a grotty looking chair? It’s not the kind of shop that you would want to walk into is it .. and it’s the same principle online, except that people have already been enticed into the shop door with the click, before they see how awful it is and then they make a dash to get out.


A good indication of how your site performs it to use something like Google Analytics and to check out your bounce rates, as in people running out of the door in horror! Bounce rates can be attributed to poor usability too which tends to come hand in hand with a badly designed and built site.

In the past we have built lots of websites where we are actually replacing the existing online presence. The clients are always surprised how their enquiries and conversions go up just by having a new website created, even without any SEO. It makes common sense though that if you can make your site appeal to your target audience, and if you have clear messages and calls to action that you will reduce your bounce rate and increase conversions. Then obviously the next key step is to start to get really targeted traffic to your site to increase the revenue generated by the site further.

So I would encourage people to look at their own websites, with an outsider’s viewpoint, and see if the site sends the right message about how you want the company to be portrayed and the type of customers that you want to attract. There is a solution if you do end up cringing a little!

Photography by Carey Chiaia


  • Matt Saunders

    Could not agree more, and it’s great to see other designers taking a pop at poor designers who under-deliver and the companies that lie down and take it!

  • name Paul Clarke

    Hi Becky,

    I’m interested to find your opinion on what would be regarded as an acceptable bounce rate?

    OK, Ideally 0%, but if it’s say 50% that means every other potential customer turns around and walks straight back out the door? but what’s the average in your experience

    thanks Paul

  • wasim Ismail

    Hi Definitely
    Having a good web page designed well, can play an important part in success of the success of the website, there are many things to consider when coming up with a perfect layout, such as:
    Color Scheme
    User Friendly
    Features & Functions
    Load Speed…etc

    also check out this article on the importance of a good web page layout