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The Harcombe Diet update

I did a post last week about the Harcombe Diet and how Dave and I were going to try to follow it, well I thought I’d bring you an update.

We started the Harcombe Diet last Monday and during the 5 days of Phase I we didn’t have it easy. The hardest thing is not being able to have certain foods or drinks that you do like. Dave struggled without his coffee, but we both kind of quite liked drinking decaff tea without any milk. You also feel quite ill, weak and tired, I suppose its as your body gets used to the new diet and the Candida dies off. I think the main problem with the first 5 days is that the food is quite boring and after the mid way point I ended up having to force lunch down knowing that I had to eat it or else I would be really hungry later. I treated the first 5 days more of a detox than a diet, drinking plenty of water and trying to cleanse my insides (if that is actually possible).

For breakfasts we were having bacon and scrambled eggs which I love, but for lunch it would be “real” meat and salad. I really missed the ability to have a dressing or even coleslaw with the salad to give it some juiciness. Evening meals were fine with meat and veg in a variety of ways.

So how did we do … I lost 4lbs and Dave lost 8lb’s over the course of the 5 days .. and then on Friday night, at the end of Day 5 we were so sick of the diet that we had takeaway pizzas and alcohol! The weekend then rolled on and we ended up going out for an Italian on Saturday night too, followed by some more wine. (This is not part of the Harcomber diet!)

This week is going to be a steady, healthy, eating week with lots of fruit and vegetables and “real” food rather than anything processed. So we will still be sticking to the principles of the Harcombe diet, but haven’t quite moved onto Phase II yet where you have to seperate out fats and carbs. We’ll start on that when we return from Centreparcs after the weekend and try to maintain a steady diet.


  • Elaine

    Dave (mine) has suprised me how he’s stuck to the diet – and lost over a stone now, and does look tons better for it. I’ve waivered – it’s so hard when you’ve got a sweet tooth – but I’ve lost 8Ib – so will try and stick to the ‘spirit’ of it – apart from tomorrow, when we’re down in Bristol for the A4u Roadshow đŸ™‚

  • Becky

    @elaine , if you’re in Bristol you should see if you can get to the Banksy Exhibition. Dave (yours) has done really well on the diet … keep it up you 2.

  • sonia

    I have just started the diet. I too find it really difficult not to have salad dressing or coleslaw to brighten up the salad.Any ideas

  • AndrĂ©

    Dear people, I just started the Harcombe diet myself. Doing a diet and then after just 5 days lavish yourself on alcohol and pizza’s is of course not the goal of this diet. The purpose is to eat real food the rest of your lives.

    Use a nice olive oil as a salad dressing…. squeeze some garlic into it (with me the more the better) to give it a smooth taste. A simple example of a salad: tomatoes into small pieces, half an onion (or more if you want) chopped up, 2 boiled eggs, green peas from the freezer (just hold them for 30 sec or so under warm tap water to defrost), and canned tuna fish in water, lots of nice good quality olive oil, lots of garlic, some black paper …mix it all up, boiled eggs in pieces on top… et voila…. you won’t miss your coleslaw or dressing. The ready made coleslaw contains sugar as do the salad dressing. It is the sugar you are craving. Alcohol of course also contains sugar. And the pizza dough has no nutricial value at all.

    Good luck with the dieting. Dieting is never difficult but making a life change, stick to the weight loss is the most difficult thing. That is why Harcombe came up with phase 2 and phase 3… phase 3 is to do the rest of your life….

  • sarah capewell

    Hi, i am about to start the hacombe diet tomorrow, very anxcious, but also excited. My fear is not losing weight.
    Oh well i will give it a go