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The Flood Clean Up Begins

Two days ago I did a blog post showing the 3 rivers in Ripon at bursting point, then sadly last night Dave’s parents cottage in Topcliffe, which is on the River Swale, was flooded. They have lived there for 35 years and a few times its been close to getting in, but this was so much higher than it has ever been before. I went with them today to see what we could salvage from the house before the clean up begins.

The garden was still in full flood with at least 5 feet of water slowly subsiding. At the bottom of the garden is the river.

There was flood water trapped in one the rooms because of the steps on the doorways. The water level in this room looked like it came up about 2 foot.

Everywhere inside was covered in a fine film of silt. It wasn’t that noticeable on the carpets until you started walking on it and leaving footprints. But on the white tiled bathroom floor its more obvious.

As well as the big clean up there is also the smaller things that have to be scrubbed clean or replaced as they are damaged.

Bottles covered in silt and dirt. The carpet in this room is a dark brown, but it was soaking wet and covered in a layer of dirt. If you look at the skirting board you can see the filth.

Kitchen cupboards full of dirty water

and a very wet laptop

What a week this is turning into… and Dave is missing it all over in Munich at SEOktoberfest. The good news though is that Miles is finally off his crutches after hobbling around for a week and half after his disastrous scooter injury.

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  • Elaine

    Geez you, and your family, are really having a run of bad luck – hope it’s ended now. That looks like a nightmare – hope Dave’s parents are coping with it all