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The Fellow, Kings Cross – London

With the closure of the UK airspace following the Icelandic volcano eruption, getting a train out of Kings Cross was a nightmare. We were in London today for a meeting and I’d prebooked the train tickets with seats reserved on the 5pm train for the return journey. I’d left plenty of time for the meeting, as sometimes these things run on, but we’d expected to be able to jump on an earlier train and grab a seat if needed.

We got back to Kings Cross just before 3pm and there was a train waiting to depart back to York. There were lines of ticket inspectors on the platform checking your ticket before you got on the train and when I showed him our tickets he was concerned that we didn’t have a seat reservation as 1st class was rammed, but he said we could go and have a look for ourselves but advised we waited until the 5pm train for a seat. We had a look, and he was right. No seats, lots of people standing.. it looked like a nightmare and we didn’t fancy 2 hours on the train stood in the corridor by the toilets.

Hmmm, so now what do we do with 2 hours to kill in Kings Cross which for anyone who hasn’t been, there isn’t really much to do. You tend to arrive at Kings Cross and either jump on the tube or get a taxi out of there. Dave was intrigued by a bookshop over the road called “Pirate Bookshop” so we ended up walking past a seedy sex shop I think, and as we carried on up York Way we stumbled across The Fellow.

What a haven. We strolled in to be greeted with a really friendly bar man, got a couple of pints and he recommended that we checked out the roof terrace since it was a lovely day. We went up a couple of flights of stair with our beers and entered a haven. A lovely beer garden, away from all the hustle and bustle of Kings Cross.

Dave then got set up with his laptop, enjoying the free WiFi, to catch on some work and I carried on my normal work via my Blackberry. The two hours that we had passed really quickly and we got organised with the office ready for Monday, following a really productive meeting, caught up with emails as well as enjoying a couple of pints in the sun.

So if you are stuck in Kings Cross, then head left as you come out of the main exit and go down York Way about 100 metres and on the right you will see The Fellow. They do food too which smelt really lovely but we were still full from a big lunch we enjoyed during our meeting. A great pub in the heart of London, which really was a retreat for us today.

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  • Robinq

    Funny you should have this pleasant experience. I’ve had one of the worst customer service experiences in London in the Fellow – surly staff asking us to vacate our (booked) dining seats for a party who never showed up, bossy bouncers, uptight teenage bar staff telling us to stop talking – I mean, why do you people put up with this treatment and think it’s cool? What is the matter with London pubs? Putting the “gastro” in to gastroenteritis I’d say.