My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby

The Evolution of the Bronco Logo

Many companies evolve their logo over time to freshen up the company branding and the other day I was thinking about how the Bronco logo has evolved overtime. There are many companies that we are all familiar with that have steadily evolved their logo and here are a few examples from Burger King, Visa, Ford and how can we forget VW.

Bronco started off in 2002 and when Dave and I bought the company in 2003 it had the world’s best logo!

It took until 2005 for Dave to create a new logo … very simply out of the unpronounceable font called Vipnagorr.

This version of the logo evolved to make it more stylish and these are the versions of the logo from 2007 and 2008

We decided in 2009 to have the Bronco logo completely overhauled and brought in The Sharp Agency to do a full rebrand of the company. We do lots of logo design inhouse for our web design clients but this one we were too close to and wanted some external ideas. The new logo was born.

We have since evolved this logo to fit in with the website as that changes each year with a fresh design. In 2011 the logo looked like this

and in 2012 it changed to this

The latest evolution of the logo was one we designed to be printed onto the Bronco t-shirts, hoodies, pens and pencils and brings in a new dynamic for promotional material.

I love each logo at the time, but when you look back some look really dated. No doubt next year we will have evolved again and have another new logo style.