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The Birth of Becky Naylor

LOL … no I’m not going to detail how I came into this world, but more how this blog came about. I have had the domain for a few years after a discussion in the office one day about protecting your online brand which led us to register all of our names, just so that we had them.

I have been thinking for a while now about starting a blog as I think I can write fairly ok, but I struggled to think what I could actually write about that would be of some worth. Then the other day someone just said to me in passing about how do I manage to do everything, like run Bronco as well as sort everything out at home with Dave and the kids. So it was yesterday after a glass of wine that a lightbulb appeared over my head and I had a clear thought.

So to coincide with my birthday I thought that today was the day to finally do it. I have to thank the guys at Bronco for getting this all together for me. To Ben for getting the domain set up and WordPress installed, to Rory for setting up the WordPress with all the special bits, to Anthony for offering some of his own photos when I mentioned I wanted blue sky and green grass, and to Kean for doing an awesome job with the design this afternoon. As a side note, a thank you to Dom for helping me flush my dnscache tonight so that I could see the site from home.


  • Dom Hodgson

    for those that are interested

    C:\> net stop dnscache
    C:\> net start dnscache

    fixed it

    ipconfig /flushdns


  • ukgimp

    Congrats Becky on starting the blog and happy birthday. I am sure Dave will bring you back something nice from NY.