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The 99 Second Challenge

So what is the 99 second challenge … well I didn’t know what it was until earlier on this week. It seems the 99 second challenge is making its way around the local schools with different consequences.

Do you want to take the challenge? You can either do the challenge to yourself or carry the challenge out on someone else. Ethan was the first one that came home with signs of having taken the challenge but told me it was a football injury, then when Miles had a similar mark I knew something was up.

99 second challenge

So here it is. To do the challenge you have to scratch yourself or someone else for 99 seconds.. simple! Lots of kids are walking around now with varying degrees of self inflicted grazes on their arms where they have literally scratched off the top layers of skin… ouch! How on earth this all started, who knows, but its seems pretty crazy, as well as being extremely painful and with potential of causing some scarring if the wound is deep.