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The 24-7 Business Existence

We all know the feeling .. not being able to stop working, the inability to take a rest from checking emails… will we ever be able to stop? The 24-7 business existence is something that I have become more aware of over the last few years and more recently I have been considering the future. What did we ever do before email or the internet when if we wanted to get a message to someone we’d call and have a conversation with someone, arrange to meet face to face or send a snail mail letter. Everything happened at a much slower pace yet business still went on.

Nowadays with the rise of Blackberry’s and Smart Phones we are never far away from emails and the internet. In this industry it is a bit different as most of us love nothing more than browsing the web whether it is for work or pleasure, but we do need a rest from it all. I certainly need to try harder not to work over the weekends but I find that if I check my emails to make sure all is ok, then if I quickly respond to a question or an issue it will save me a job on Monday morning. It doesn’t actually save me a job it just increases my workload as there is then the vicious circle for the need for an immediate response in the future. Slowdown is the keyword in 2009 I think .. not too much but everyone should step off the gas a little and take more time out. If the email isn’t answered on a Sunday morning it will still be there on Monday with no harm done I’m sure.

Since we are the first generation of digital business geeks its unproven what the physical effects will be in the future. When we were discussing this today in the office it was decided that a 24-7 existence could halve your life. We obviously don’t know for certain when we will all burn out, but what I know for certain is there is more to life than emails and you need to live more of your life away from computers and the virtual world online. Its a fine balance to make especially if like me you run a company, but I think its especially important if you have kids, to savour every last minute with them and take time out for your own health and sanity.

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  • Jack

    I have found that I have to be quite strict with how I manage my workload, and to make myself not check things like emails at the weekend. I make sure that I allocate the first half hour on a monday morning for “catching up” and so far its worked fine. I feel a lot freer and more relaxed at weekends.

  • Elaine

    I know that if I work too long on an evening after 8pm then I’m not going to sleep very well – and I’m a great believer that’good’ sleep, preferably in total darkness, helps guard against Alzheimer, and probably extends your life.