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Symptoms of a Stroke

It’s strange how much you end up learning and taking on board when someone you know is suffering. On Tuesday my Great Uncle David had a major stroke and is currently in critical care in hospital and it’s not looking good. It’s really sad as it was only a couple of months ago that his wife Joyce (my Great Aunt) died after 7 weeks, once being diagnosed with multiple brain tumors.

Once I heard of Uncle David’s stroke I was straight on the internet to find out more about strokes and especially what to spot in case I am ever in a situation where it happens to someone else I know and love.
(Update 21/2/10 – sadly my uncle passed away yesterday – RIP)

There are a few main symptoms of a stroke to watch out for, but I presume with any condition the symptoms can happen in varying degrees of severity and affect people in different ways. I know from talking to relatives that Uncle David was having trouble with his eye sight for a few days before he had his full stroke but this is one of the major symptoms of a stroke.

The main symptoms of a stroke are:
1. Numbness, weakness or paralysis of one side of the body
2. Slurred speech or a difficulty understanding or finding words
3. Loss of sight or blurred vision
4. Confusion or unsteadiness
5. Severe headache

Last year the NHS released TV adverts for their FAST campaign for stroke awareness

F – has the face dropped on one side
A – is there weakness in the arms
S – are there problems with speech
T – time to call 999

You can see one of the adverts below which will help you remember the FAST rules