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Starting on the Big Home Improvement project

Anyone that will know me, will know that I can’t not be doing anything, and even during the wedding planning over the last few months we have had a decorator in painting the sitting room, utility room, downstairs toilet, kids bathroom, our ensuite bathroom, so the house has been pretty upside down. So the wedding was on Saturday and with one days rest (well not really rest as we had to finish clearing rooms) we had a team of guys at the house first thing to start demolishing the conservatory. We’re not getting the conservatory rebuilt, we are just going to regain more outdoor space on the patio. I love my before and after photos so this is the progress so far today.

Once this is all cleared away, then new Indian stone patio slabs can be laid to match in with the existing patio, and then the interior wall comes down between the kitchen and the dining room.