My story with Dave, the kids, Cooper, VW's & rugby – You’re Amazing

It’s not that often that I am really amazed by shopping online as it’s becoming a bit of the norm for me, as I find better ways to spend my time than traipsing around the shops with moaning kids in tow.

As the last few weekends have been pretty hectic what with VW Shows, trips to the seaside and a trip to London this weekend there hasn’t been the opportunity to finish off getting all the kids school uniform that I needed for when the kids go back to school in September. I was pretty organised at the start of the summer holiday and got the bulk of the uniform then, then got them to Clarks for their school shoes, but still needed some of their sports kit, namely trainers (as they are forever growing out of theirs) and tracky bottoms.

When I was just on the internet last night, doing a bit of work and looking around I thought I’d see if I could order the last few things from the online versions of our favourite sports shops, JJB and Sports Direct. After looking around both I ended up on SportsDirect.

The site was easy to use and with the category, such as Trainers you can select the Gender, the brand, the size and sort by price and end up with a good selection to choose from. As Ethan is a size 2 his is the last size of the Infant department and Miles as a size 3 is in the Junior section, but I easily managed to find the same pair of Adidas trainers for both. (With kids close together in ages its just so much easier to by them the same when it comes to trainers, and lots of other things, to save on arguments)

I also managed to get them some Umbro tracky bottoms which were a bargain at £3.99 (reduced from £12.99) which is cool as they will spend most of their time crumbled up in the bottom of their sports kit at school.

I completed the order at around 7.30pm, and was surprised when I got an email around 11pm to say that the order has been dispatched. I’m more amazed that DHL have just turned up at 2pm with the parcel with everything that I ordered, plus a free mug as a surprise!

Is there any need these days to go to shops when you can get all you need online? Buy ordering these trainers and tracky bottoms online it has saved a Saturday afternoon travelling over to Harrogate or York, and has probably saved even more cash as we’d of had lunch and spent money needlessly on other items that we would have seen in other shops while we were out.




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  • Becky i’m not as happy today as i placed another order last night for more kids trainers and haven’t had the “dispatched” email yet, so no delivery today 🙁



    I have just checked for you and you order is out for delivery today from 7.30am so you should be getting a delivery any moment now.


  • avril wilson

    I tried to place an order last night for children’s football boots, but was told that there was an error processing payment. The items are still in my basket but I am unable to process. Please advise what the problem could be?

  • Zuzana Rosikova

    I tried to reclaim the missing things from order,but I received no response.What do I do now?
    I want to send another order …..But I fear that the payment I receive the goods .

  • Erika Palankai

    Could someone from customer services please get in touch with me, as i am having difficulties with an exchange.
    My mobile number is 07 88 44 05 497.
    Thank you.

    ps.:Did try e-mailing many times- no luck

  • Gery

    Is there any voucher code for free delivery?
    My mail is

  • Gergana

    I made an order on Friday, but I still dont have dispatched email. 🙁

  • steve

    i ordered two bmx yesterday morning paid for saturday delivery and i have had no confirmation to them being delivered today