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Sometimes You Just Have to Chop Things Down

We’re very lucky to live in a house with a garden with lots of greenery surrounding us, but sometimes you just have to do some drastic tree felling to regain your space. On the right hand side of our garden we have always had an issue with the neighbours big tree that overhangs into our garden blocking the sunlight. Recently our neighbour mentioned she was thinking about getting some self seeded trees removed and did we mind. We totally didn’t mind and even went halves on the cost of felling them.

Before the big tree was felled it looked like this from the spare room window

You can see from this picture how big the tree had become and we had even had a big branch snap off in a storm last year and trash the old bird feeder.

Now the garden has been opened up and light is flooding in. The little garden birds and my friendly squirrel (Squidger) are all fine and haven’t abandoned the garden without the extra protection the big tree gave them which was main main concern when we decided to chop it down.