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So We’re Getting a Puppy!

It’s something that we have been thinking about for the last few years and kept putting off, but we have taken the leap and decided to finally get a puppy that will be joining our family towards the end of June when he’s ready to leave his mum. Now that the kids are old enough to take some responsibility for the puppy it will be a good addition to the family, and will fit in with our lifestyle getting lots of good walks and playtime. You never know he may become the office dog too 🙂 We’ve decided on a chocolate brown Cocker Spaniel.

So here he is today chilling out at just 5 days old, born on Saturday .. May 4th … (May the 4th be with you!)

Cooper chilling 5 days

I took the kids to see their new puppy after school, they were so excited to see him

Ethan & Cooper 5 days old

Miles & Cooper 5 days old

How cute!


So then we have to think of a name … the one that we have been thinking of recently is Cooper … this is my maiden name, and also one of Miles’ middle names .. its a good solid name, that if I had to call across a field I wouldn’t feel an idiot.

When I did a search for “cool dog names” today the top site had this list of popular names

cool dog names

and OMG what happened to be in position 13th … our lucky number .. but Cooper. Seemed a bit like destiny somehow.. but we kind of feel that he deserves a Star Wars themed name too (May the Forth (May 4th) be with you!) … so some of Dave’s suggestions are

Cooper Chewbacca (maybe Chewy for short)
“C”ooper 3PO (C3PO)
Cooper Trooper
Chewy Cooper-Bacca
Darth Cooper
Cooper the Hut
Master Cooper
Cooper Skywalker

Any other suggestions??

We’ll be regularly visiting the puppy so I’ll take some more pictures as he grows 🙂


  • Adam

    It has to be Storm-Cooper

  • Craig

    The first picture is so cute. Going off that picture, his name should be; Cooper B’ Chillin’ 🙂

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