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Sleep Well my lovely Corky Cat

Today sadly Corky cat finally gave up after being ill for a while. She had been struggling to keep weight on with an over-active thyroid being diagnosed back in May, and then developed an enlarged liver making her stomach swollen. Cork passed her 16th birthday back in July so she certainly had a long and happy life, and seemed fine even this morning, just a bit more tired than usual. We “adopted” her about 14 years ago and she has been with us all that time, being well fed and loved. We will certainly miss her.

Even though she was part of our everyday life for all that time, and the kids have always known life with Corky cat being part of it, it’s surprising how few photos I have actually got of her, and no really good ones either. After a trawl through years of photos on Flickr I have managed to find a few.

So…. so long Corky cat and hope you’re back to catching lots of mice wherever you may be 🙂





and May 2012 with Poppy cat


  • IrishWonder

    What a sweet cat… Having lost 2 cats in my life, I really really feel for you. But she surely will be remembered and loved by her family for many many years.

  • Andriy Pylypenko

    Hi Becky,

    Let me express deepest compassion. RIP nice cat. As a cat owner I do understand how sad it is.