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SkyScanner & FlightMapping – nearly perfect!

For a while now I have been going on about my perfect Flight Comparison site and at the time when I was booking Dave’s flights to A4U Munich last month I really needed a site that enabled me to see which airports in a certain region of the country flew direct to a certain destination. Thanks to Elaine for suggesting Flight Mapping which did the job nicely. It works where you basically state the country that you are in and most importantly where you want to go and it will work out where you can get a direct flight from without having to trawl through different airport and airline sites.

So now that I’ve got the basis for the perfect flight comparison site I now need extra functionality. Its Easter coming up and it just so happens this year that mine and Dave’s 12th (wow thats a long time!) wedding anniversary falls on Easter Sunday (4.4.10) so I was trying to find somewhere to jet off to for a long weekend with the kids. Before Easter we’ll be in New York for a week at SES so I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with the kids.

I needed a site where I could add in my closest airport, in my case Leeds Bradford or Teesside and for it to tell me where I could get to and what are the options. Sounds simple but I couldn’t find what I was looking for. This was until I tweeted out in misery and David McLean suggested I try SkyScanner. He happens to be the SEO Manager at SkyScanner so he should know!

Anyway it worked a treat and so easy to just say what airport you want to fly from and the dates, and you can leave the destination blank if you want. It then comes up with loads of Direct and In Direct flights to check out. Its a great system to see where you can get to if like me you’re not to bothered of the destination, more about cost, flight time and ease.

There were some good deals out of Leeds Bradford for the Easter weekend, but annoyingly of you were to book on SkyScanner with any of the airlines like RyanAir or KLM you just end up at the home page of the airline, rather than at a page that you can continue with to the checkout easily.

The design of both the sites could also do with some attention as for travel sites they look rather plain and uninteresting. But at least it gave me my destination and departure options which is pretty cool and I’ll be sure to be using them in the future … for now I ended up booking 3 nights over Easter in the Lake District 🙂


  • Simon Barker

    SkyScanner looks like a great tool, it’s actually something a friend and I have talked about wanting for a couple of years now, sometimes you might have no idea where I might want to go. You just that you want a cheap break away somewhere, so being able to find cheap flight prices from this way around, it’ll be great for those people who just want to go where fate takes them!

    Thanks Becky! 🙂

  • Martino

    Thanks Becky, both sites are great. Another player in the flight search market is – featuring over 100 budget airlines from around the World.

    Martino, Founder & CEO, WhichBudget

  • Dan

    Hi Becky,

    Flightmapping has launched a new look website with added functionality this week.

    If you have the time to look at this we would welcome your thoughts. We believe it takes our service to the next level and offers users the information they need to find their perfect flight.