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SEO in Ripon

Dave did a post today about Google Maps getting it wrong which made me start to have a look at these local type listings.

It seems that aswell as Google getting the actual map link wrong like Dave wrote about, there also has been a big upsurge in the Google local listings … you know the section at the top of the first page in Google with a map and lots of listings. The Google local listings are starting to get abused so are looking a bit messy, and it ends up knocking really good credible listings down the page and they get lost.

I started looking at local searches that Bronco could or should be in, as we are already listed for Web Design in Ripon. I think we added this to Google local ages ago as a test and I haven’t looked at it for ages. I was surprised to see so may “so called” web design companies listed for Ripon since we are a small city, and some of the companies listed certainly are NOT in Ripon.


As you can see Bronco is officially listed in #12 position which before the local listings we would have been #2. LOL .. not that we actually try to rank ourselves for things like web design in ripon as its not a really high traffic driving keyword and we have better things to do.

That made me start thinking about how people search for local services. For instance is there really any traffic or benefit to rank for SEO in Ripon. I mean how many people in Ripon (population of 15,000) have heard of SEO? Not being derogetory to them or anything but its not really what many people know about in their general day to day life. Even if there was a Ripon company looking for SEO would they search for “seo in ripon” or would they think on a broader scale, such as “seo in Yorkshire” or “seo in Leeds”, or even go for the biggie “uk seo” (which Dave seems to have covered)?

So maybe with things like “web design in Ripon” and “seo in Ripon” it may still be best for Bronco to stick to local offline advertising…. or alternatively get Banksy up North to customise our building a bit!!


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  • Toronto SEO

    Hi Becky!

    I take the approach that geographical modifiers to keywords simply form part of the long tail.

    For highly competitive terms like SEO, a new site has no chance of ranking for the base keyword out of the gate but you can get some traffic if you go after terms like Ripon SEO or Mississauga SEO or Toronto SEO. If I happen to get a local listing as well as the organic ranking by using the location modified keyphrase, that’s icing on the cake.

    I use this approach for most of my clients, since they are normally locally focused businesses that really don’t care about prospects outside their local area.

    In my view the geographically based long tail keywords are critical for achieving rankings for these types of businesses.