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Search Engine Traffic to my Blog

I have just been having a look at Google Analytics this afternoon for a client and thought I’d have a quick look at my stats for this blog. I have only had my blog for a few months as I started it on my birthday back on March 26th, and had Analytics in since 22nd April. Previously I was using StatPress but it really slowed everything down so it was canned.

I don’t get a huge amount of traffic … 796 visits in the last month or so with 196 of these coming via the search engines .. the rest are direct or from referring sites. I love looking at the keywords in Analytics to see what people actually search for to find sites and my top search terms are

becky naylor
how to make yorkshire puddings (from an early post I did with a secret yorkshire pudding recipe)
graze box (from all the posts I have done about my gorgeous Graze boxes)

but some of the visits that I have had has made me laugh …. such as

dave naylor wife
becky’s wrinkles gone
getting sucked off (very odd indeed)
things that could go wrong on a school day trip

This is one of the best things that Analytics and logs were made for. Now all I have to do is try to get some decent traffic to my site!


  • Allan

    Hi Becky,
    It is true, sometimes its amusing to find yourself getting ranked for the weirdest KWs…

    For my personal blog (, some of the funniest are,
    “black chicken”
    “super duper hot”
    “bangers and mash”
    “scary maze game”

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