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School Trips take some Organisation

Ethan, my 7 year old has been on a school trip today to Runswick Bay, a lovely seaside village on the East coast in North Yorkshire. It has a big sandy beach and what the kids like best are the rock pools. The school has been planning this trip for ages and they only do the Runswick Bay trip every 3 years as they take the whole of the infant school, so 6 coaches of kids ages between 4 and 7 which is a big undertaking.

He had a really great day by the sounds of it, but talk about a military operation and nowadays I bet the teachers and helpers are very much aware of what could go wrong and any potential issues. So they opened the school early and all the kids had a big list of things to take with them. They needed a spare set of clothes (as they tend to paddle and get wet), a towel, a packed lunch and drink, a jumper (in case it was cold), a waterproof coat (in case it rained), suncream (in case it was sunny) and wellies if it was wet. So at school this morning there were lots of little kids with big rucksacks weighing them down.

Tonight I have been unpacking Ethan’s bag and I think he has brought half of the beach back with him amongst his wet and soggy jeans and towel. At least he’ll sleep well tonight after his exciting day playing on the beach and finding creatures in the rock pools. The school really did a great job organising it all so well.