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Rememberance Day 2009

Today is the 11th of the 11th which is Rememberance Day, where we pay our respects to the brave soldiers who gave their lives to protect the future of the free world. It is signified by the date and time that peace was announced after World War I. It is tradition that there is a 2 minutes silence on the 11th hour on the 11th November as a sign of respect and remembrance. Unfortunately at 11am this morning we were in the middle of an SEO meeting, but I made up for it on my walk to lunch when I thought about the past events and the wars that we have battled our way bravely through.

It was interesting to see how the major search engines have marked the occasion and Bing had a great image on all day of some poppies which are the symbol of remembrance.

bing poppies

whereas Google were a bit late in producing their related logo and it wasn’t until mid morning that their poppy appeared

google poppy