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Rebranding a Company – Bronco

The branding of a company is really important to make a mark and to give the right message to customers. The brand of a company tends to fall to the company logo, and then can be represented in a website, offline marketing and perhaps merchandise.

Dave and I have owned Bronco for nearly 7 years now and Dave created our logo all those years ago. I’m not sure how the logo really came about originally, but I can imagine Dave typing the company name into Fireworks (or maybe Corel Draw at the time) and choosing a font that he thought looked a bit techy, and making it blue. Over the years the Bronco logo has changed slightly from flat lettering to the most recent where it got a bit of a shine and depth.

Here’s the old logo, the font is Vipnagorglalla which I still can’t pronounce

bronco logo

It was a few months ago when we decided to look at rebranding the company to take it to the next level. We have always run 2 sites which can get a bit confusing for people at times. We have the main Bronco site which details all of our services and then Dave has his own blog site, which over the years has grown to expand on the services that are offered. Most people contact us through the David Naylor site but are handled by Bronco. Confused?

Dave’s site keeps getting redesigned to keep it at the forefront of blog design, and each time the logo will be changed to fit the design … but it has never been anywhere close to the Bronco logo or brand. This is when we decided to knit the 2 websites closely together, with a similar brand and a similar design. Kean, my designer, has written more about the work involved in doing this and also explains why we arranged for a specialist branding expert to help us get it right. It was really interesting working with The Sharp Agency to see what thought process they went through to come up with the final design, and it was good being the “client” for a change getting tweaks and revisions done in the final stages. I would definitely recommend using an external company to work with you on a rebrand as often you can be too close to the company to come up with the right ideas and messages.

We are really pleased with the end results. I love the font and the colours used for the Bronco and David Naylor logos. It brings a whole new freshness to the company and we have since had new business cards printed, new workwear done for the staff, and rebranded company stationery to all match. I just need to get some headed paper and compliment slips sorted, but we decided to do some “homemade” ones as we use so few.

So here are the new Bronco & Dave Naylor logos …


dn logo