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Ancestry.co.uk – You’re Very Sneaky!

It really gets my back up when I feel like I have been conned…. but if I was to read the small print on the website they would say that they are going to do it .. but without any warning it really annoys me.

I refer to Ancestry.co.uk, but this post could elude itself to a whole host of websites that suck you in and then when you have forgotten all about them, sting you for a subscription fee. I was just paying a chunk off my credit card bill tonight (flights & car hire to Marbella for next May) when I see £41.95 from Ancestry.co.uk. My first thought was that I hadn’t subscribed to Ancestry, but then my second thought was perhaps I’d been on the site, but ages ago.

What’s Wrong with the England Team?

After watching a dismal performance by the England team in this year’s World Cup, not even getting into the quarter finals, questions have to asked in the England camp as to what went wrong. It wasn’t as if they played like the lions that they are meant to be, and beaten by supreme quality, but they let the whole country down with their lack lustre performances.

Manchester Airport #fail

So some of you may be aware that earlier on in the week we flew out of Manchester Airport for the A4U Expo conference in Munich. The trip didn’t start too well as there was a chance that the returning ash cloud over the UK could have affected our flights, but what actually happened was that Manchester airport was open on Monday when we were due to fly, but had been closed on Sunday.

When you have booked a flight in advance, checked in online and made your seat reservation you’d expect that it would be an easy process to get to the airport, drop your luggage off (couple of minutes) and then go through security and to the gate. Since Manchester airport had been affected by the ash cloud there was obviously more people trying to get a flight, but it seemed like chaos had moved in. At the baggage drop off point there were people delaying the queue trying to rebook a seat on a later plane. Surely there should be a separate desk for this type of thing? Then when we finally got the bags checked in, the queue was out of the security area and was making its way past the check in desks.

Election Day Has Arrived

So it’s finally here, May 6th, Election Day. It seems that with all the media coverage over the last 4 weeks that it was never going to get here, and seems that the political parties have been campaigning for years and not months.

There are 42000 polling stations opening their doors across the UK as I type to await the registered voters to turn up and mark a cross in a box. What has been surprising during this election campaign is the reaction to the three TV debates that were aired that have brought about a big rise in the popularity of the Liberal Democrats due to Nick Clegg’s success in the TV debates. When I say success this is based on the polls of who “won” the TV debates, which is more like winning a beauty contest or personality contest.

Is Bigot Such a Terrible Word?

So the word of the day is “bigot” but is it such a terrible term that everyone is making out today after Gordon Brown’s earlier gaffe when a TV microphone was left on him while he was having a private conversation to his aides in his private car. Oh yeah where are all the calls for the TV producer to get sacked or strung up for invading the Prime Minister’s privacy by leaving a live mic on the PM, probably knowing they would get some juicy inside gossip. And don’t get me started with the big £50k newspaper payout for exclusive rights to Mrs Duffy story… er what story?